Handling the toString() method response in Java — Android

  • Add new note, a note is composed of a topic , title and content.
  • Select category of topic to save or place the new note under.
  • View all notes.
  • If the client or user are on the AddNewNote Activity, and press the back button the note will save the existent note, if it has content else it will not save but just navigate back on the back stack.
Android Application example displaying non overridden toString() method on a spinner or drop down selecter
__________________________________________My Article Details : Article@251a69d7__________________________________________
____________________________________________My Article Details : Some Piece of Pie ...____________________________________________
  • JVM : Java Virtual Machine (JVM) is a virtual machine that enables a computer to run Java programs as well as programs written in other languages that are compiled by bytecode. You can read more on this from freecodecamps’ article .
  • Class : A class is a blueprint used to create and object. Think of this like having a sketch/ guide of how to make a Cup. The sketch can be given to someone else and used by them to make their own cup and customize it if need be.
  • Object : An instance of a class. From the prior example , think of this like you have had your sketch / guide on how to make a cup, now you decide to make multiple cups or a cup with a unique shape, size, color or whatever attribute that has been given in the cup sketch/ guide.
  • Hashcode : Numeric representation of an objects’ contents so as to provide an alternate mechanism to identify it, by default the hashcode() method returns an integer that represents the internal memory address of the object .

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